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How to have me time

When is the last time you had a moment to yourself?

....Are you having a hard time remembering?!

I also homeschool, so I know what it looks like: You have your kids 24/7. You are trying to do it all. You are giving everything to everyone, but still coming up short.

I see you, and I applaud your efforts.

You are probably feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated, and it is exhausting!

You want and desperately NEED a break, but how are you supposed to get one with your kids home 24/7?!

Other people will tell you to hire a babysitter, trade with another parent, turn on a movie, schedule quiet time ad nap time, have an evening away when your husband is home, take a break while the kids play in the backyard, or create a craft that will occupy your kids time long enough for you to get a short break.

While these might work, they won’t solve your real problem.

They are a bandaid solution to a wound that needs stitches.

So we need to talk about what NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT: Why you are so exhausted and burnt-out in the first place.

You probably think it is obvious: We already mentioned the kids 24/7. And there is also the list of things you need to do. And the constant mess and noise. And the lessons you didn’t get to last week.

It’s all JUST. SO. MUCH.

And it all points to you needing a much deserved break.

But I want to let you in on a secret: the reason you need a break is not really because of those things… And it's also not because you haven't had a break in a while.

It’s because of what is happening in your head.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re with your kids, doing school, and thinking about…

How behind you are

How your 9 year old should be able to focus better

How you should have done more lessons last week

How your house is a mess

How your kids might not finish their curriculum before Christmas

How your kids take too long and never listen

How if you had done a better job at setting up your routine then it wouldn’t be so hard

How maybe your kids would focus better if you switched to a new curriculum

How your kids should know better by now

How you should be further along

How it’s not working

How other people seem to have this figured out, what is wrong with you?!

And on and on…

What really is exhausting is being in your head.

Taking breaks out of exhaustion just puts a bandaid on the wound. It might feel nice, but it doesn't solve the problem or help your body truly heal. It just masks it and makes it look like it's getting better.

Stop putting on a bandaid and get to the root of the problem.

Doing everything you are doing, WHILE feeling overwhelmed, feels terrible.

We want breaks from feeling terrible. We don't usually need a break from feeling amazing.

Can you imagine homeschooling where instead of feeling worried, overwhelmed, and stressed you felt peaceful, confident, and even excited?

You would feel better instantly, without needing to get away so desperately.

You CAN get the break from your kids, but let’s start with fixing the drama in your head so that you didn’t NEED the break so desperately to begin with.

I'll be explaining how in my facebook group.

Join me there and I'll tell you how to get a mini vacation just by making some simple mind shifts. (Without a babysitter or a massage lined up!) I'll explain how here.

You've got this!

P.S. If you want more, read about 3 ways to save time here.


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