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3 ways to save time

Are you tired of being busy yet?

Fed up with the long to-do list, all the lessons depending on you, and the constant need to manage your kids?

You NEED to cultivate self motivated learners.

A self motivated learner is anyone who learns for fun and on their own initiative.

Imagine if that described your kids! How much easier would your job be? How much shorter would that to do list be?

When your kids WANT to learn and choose to on their own accord, you save time in three big ways:

1. More time learning

Whatever amount of school you are trying to accomplish each day, if your kids CHOOSE to learn on their own, that is less time that you need to be there to run school.

When learning is for fun and on their own initiative, you don’t have to spend as much of your time teaching.

And your kids get the benefit of more time learning, and less time resisting it! It's a win-win scenario.

2. Less time arguing

How much time are you spending trying to convince your kids to do their work?

Imagine getting that time back.

When you don’t have to convince anyone to learn, your job becomes a whole lot easier.

Instead of chasing everyone down and trying to negotiate when and how much schooling they will accomplish, you can sit back and observe their progress.

2. Fun instead of work

Sometimes the reason you feel overwhelmed by homeschooling and need a break is from how much work it is to get the kids to listen, focus, and do their work.

But when you aren’t convincing, arguing, or forcing learning, school time becomes fun for you. It's the opposite of work.

School becomes a joy instead of a job.

You can just relax and enjoy the learning, leaving you with less of a need to take a break later.

If you are feeling time strapped, you absolutely need to focus your energy on helping your kids become self motivated learners. You don’t have time not to!

This week in my Facebook group, I’m teaching 5 tricks to creating self motivated learners. Join me by clicking here, and take back your time!

See you there!


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