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I am a life coach, and certified through The Life Coach School. (The absolute best coaching school in the world.)

My husband runs our homeschool 1-2 days a week while I run my coaching practice, leaving me fully hands-on 5 days a week to do what I love: homeschool!


Hi Friend. I'm Delight Moser.

I was homeschooled for exactly one year of my life - 4th grade, and the rest of the time I went to normal schools.

Now I am raising 6 energetic kids ages 4-12, and we have been homeschooling for 5 years.

Making the decision to homeschool 5 years ago was scary.

I tried recreating public school at home, and it left me with no time to myself, resentful of my kids, and highly impatient.

Everything changed when I stopped trying to recreate school at home.

I learned how to incorporate learning into real life so that we didn't need long school hours to get everything done.

I stopped trying to do it all, ended the power struggles and fights with my kids, and started having free time.


As a result, I truly LOVE homeschooling. 

Now I specialize in helping overwhelmed homeschooling parents STOP over-schooling by creating a living school that works FOR them, not against them.

Homeschooling can actually be fun.


Imagine what would change for you if you could get your kids to listen to you, accomplish school in half the time, finish your to-do list, and have real down time for yourself.

(My guess is EVERYTHING.)

That is exactly what I do.

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Living the Prairie Life

My husband and I moved our family from Arizona to Nebraska 5+ years ago and live in what I like to affectionately call “the middle of nowhere”. (The closest Costco is 4 hours away. Let that sink in…) We are surrounded by farmland and blue sky. We have chickens and too many cats, and it is perfect.


My Littles

I have 6 kiddos, and they are fantastically close in age. My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 4. My four oldest are boys, and my two youngest are girls. They are best friends, and also each other's challenges at times…just the way it should be. I love raising these special humans and sharing their childhood with them. I’m pretty sure that I learn more from them than they learn from me.


I Love to Learn

I am a problem solver. I want to figure out solutions to my problems, and I know that someone somewhere has them, so I read and listen to  books and devour podcasts. I think that our access to knowledge is one of the greatest gifts of this day and age. Everything is figure-out-able.


In My Down Time

When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me reading to my kids, chasing them on the trampoline, playing board games, having a dance party, or walking down the road through cornfields. I also have a love affair with cooking wholesome food and enjoy being in the kitchen.



I serve on the board of Legacy Global Charities, and I work with the children at my local church. I was a Cubscout leader for 3 years, but passed that baton to my husband. 🤣 The greatest way that I give back is by showing up as a happy homeschool mom to my kids. The second greatest way is by teaching others how.


Someday in the Near Future

I want to travel to every state with all of my kids. (My parents took me to most of them and it was magical.) I hope to do it in an RV and hit more national parks than we can count. That’s the dream.


Random Facts

I’ve been married to my favorite guy for 16 years. My treat of choice is dark chocolate. I cook with real food and lots of veggies. I was a vegan for 5 years. (Now I source our meat from local grass fed farmers.) My babies were all at-home water-births. I was 6 credits away from finishing a BA in Mathematics from ASU years ago. I am one of the most inflexible people you will ever meet.


Homeschool Overwhelm

I dreamed of homeschooling, but then I had twins. (4 boys 3 and under!) The overwhelm set in quickly. So my kids went to a Montessori charter school in Arizona. We tried the school in Nebraska but switched to homeschooling within a year. I was pregnant with my 6th baby and my oldest son was 8...I was a hot mess. I tried to make my kids do all the things, I worried about falling behind, and I ate more peanut butter M&Ms than I would like to admit. Everything changed when I found a life coach.

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Delight Moser

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