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Confidence doesn't just happen

There is a physical shift in your body that affects how you show up depending on how you feel.

Are you feeling confident today?

Or are you doubting your abilities, decisions, and outcomes and therefore feeling inadequate, anxious, insecure, inferior, or overwhelmed?

There is a difference between...

I can’t do this.

I don’t know how.

I can’t balance everything.

There is too much to do.

It is too hard.

I can’t figure it out.


I can do this.

I know how.

I can find balance.

I am strong.

It is the work I choose.

I will figure it out.

...A literal physical difference in how you feel.

I used to think that my doubt was protecting me, helping me be cautious, and helping me improve.

But it wasn’t.

Deciding to trust myself was one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself, with huge outcomes:

I believe that I can homeschool my kids, so I show up fully present, undistracted by how I'm "doing it wrong". (That's what I used to do, and it didn't work!)

I believe that I know how, so I stop looking for all the ways I don't.

I see solutions, not problems.

I Know that I can find balance, and have time for everything, so I make a plan and stick to it, and guess what?! What I decide to do gets done.

I think that I am strong, and capable of following through, so I do.

I believe that this is what I should be doing, and that work is not a problem, so I work hard.

I know that I can solve any problem, so a figure them out as they come up.

I don't expect myself or my kids to be perfect, so our human natures and perceived failings don't slow me down and keep me stuck, they show me that we are right on track, and I keep going.

I thought that I needed to have all of the answers before I believed in myself and my kids.

I was wrong.

Belief comes before outcomes.

The Wright brothers believed they could fly before they could fly.

Thomas Edison believed in electric light before it existed.

I believe in a successful homeschool, regardless of what I see around me.

That confidence creates a shift in how I show up, making the possible possible...

...All with the power of my mind.

Confidence is the byproduct of my belief. I create confidence, and confidence allows me to create my dreams.

Are you confident?

Do you trust yourself yet?

Why or why not? I would love to hear. Email me at

You have everything you need to have an amazing homeschool.

P.S. Do you want to join a community of parents seeking joy in homeschooling their kids? Find it here.


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