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Saying No

We found a snake in our yard, and my kids wanted to keep it.

When I said no, they were disappointed...

Being a parent is hard sometimes.

I think my kids should understand that wild animals do not make great pets... but they don’t.

Sometimes I wish they could stop being disappointed and just be happy.

But it is ok for them to be disappointed.

I like my reasons for saying no. I am sticking to them no matter how much they try to reason with me. I don’t need to be disappointed by their disappointment because I know that I don’t want a wild snake for a pet.

Seems simple in this situation, but what about when what my kids want is to NOT clean up their messes. Then I am not so clear about it. I make it mean that they should WANT to help… They shouldn’t complain… They should know how to put things away… They shouldn’t be disappointed… They should be different.

When I expect them to be cheerful and excited and they are not, I’m the one who is disappointed.

I’ve decided that I am done being disappointed when my kids are disappointed.

They can want a snake and be upset that they don’t get it.

They can not want to clean and be upset when I ask them.

None of it is a problem for me unless I make it mean that they should be different.

I like my reasons for not keeping a snake.

I also like my reasons for cleaning sometimes.

My kids don’t have to like my reasons.

That’s my job.

What are you saying no to today?

Wishing you the best.

P.S. To read about how life is supposed to have disappointments, read on here.







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