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If you're already tired of homeschooling...

If you’re already tired of homeschooling, here are 3 things you can do immediately in order to simplify:

  1. Restrict Time

  2. Be Accountable

  3. Let Go

Starting with #1 - DO NOT homeschool by adding subject after subject onto your plate until it is full and your calendar is brimming with to-do’s.

Start with a boundary on your time.

Restricting time is the way to create free time for you.

So decide - how much time will you spend homeschooling? Maybe it’s 3 hours a day. Maybe 5. Maybe 2. Possibly even 1!! Whatever it is, pick the amount of time FIRST and restrict yourself to only homeschooling during that amount of time each day.

Then move to #2 - hold yourself to the time you set NO MATTER WHAT.

If you keep trying to finish school after the clock says it’s time for free-play or whatever comes next, you are setting yourself (and your kids) up for burn-out.

End when you say you will end.

(Even if you had more things you wanted to get done.)

When you know that you will end at the appointed time, you will work more efficiently, focus on the most important things, and simplify. So be accountable to yourself and honor the time you set.

In order to do this, you need #3 - Learn how to LET GO of the rest.

This involves managing your mind so that you don’t constantly think of things you “should” be doing.

Stop listing the ways your kids are “falling behind”. Stop stressing over not finishing everything on your list.

Your job is not to finish. Your job is to be there for the amount of time you picked and give it your all.

If you did that, ignore the nagging voice in your head telling you that you could have done better.

In order to fully implement step 3, I recommend that you create a learning environment (I call this a living school) and create boundaries around things that are bonuses (tv, video games, online games, etc).

When your home is set up with rich, enticing, and engaging activities, books, and games, your children will be learning ALL THE TIME.

They will be living school around the clock, not just learning during school hours.

When kids know what is allowed, and what has limits, they will be free to pursue their interests at their leisure, which is the BEST way for them to learn.

Boundaries on the amount of time spent on school, and the amount of time spent on bonuses, leaves kids with FREEDOM to learn.

It results in ample time to learn, explore, create, read, play, and pursue interests.

It will also leave you as the parent with free time.

Instead of being tired, you can be refreshed and excited.

Homeschooling doesn't have to be an overwhelming and exhausting effort.

If you want help setting up a living school, sign up for a free, no-obligation mini session with me.

I’ll help you craft a plan that will work FOR you, not against you.

Homeschooling can be easy and fun.

I can help you make yours enjoyable!

Let’s talk soon.

P.S. Click here to schedule a free mini-session to craft your stress-free homeschool plan.


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