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Your Brain is an Expert...

....An expert at finding problems.

Receive a gift? You might see 90% that’s awesome, and 10% that could be better.

Scold a child? Likely you didn’t notice basic things they were doing right - wearing clothes, standing up, using language not monkey sounds, etc.

On a hike? Possibly noticing the rock in your shoe, not the amazing view.

Trying to reach a goal? You'll see a million obstacles in your way, not the solutions.

Humans are hardwired to seek out problems.

Your brain is like a machine with one job to do - find the problems and solve them.

This serves you well in areas of danger. You need to see threats to your body so that you can avoid pain, danger, and death.

Looking for problems does not serve you when you are trying to reach a goal though.

Once you decide on a goal, your brain will still do what it was designed to do - look for problems and find them.

Want to stop yelling at your kids? You just don’t have enough patience.

Want to lose weight? It’s way too much work.

Want to declutter? You don’t have enough time.

If you believe your brain, you will stay stuck.

Your brain likes it when you stay the way you are right now. It knows how to do what you are doing right now. It feels safe.

Change equals danger to your brain.

So if offers thoughts: “Don’t try to reach your goal, you might fail and embarrass yourself!” “You’re going to fail anyway. It’s not worth trying.” “You’re such a terrible person. Just give up.”

When you set a goal and your brain offers you a problem, know that it is OPTIONAL. You can choose not to believe it if you want to. You have permission.

What if you decided right now that you are UNSTOPPABLE?!

You could just decide: There is no way that I can fail. I am destined for success. Success loves me.

It’s all optional.

Change the thought you believe and watch the results follow.

I’m rooting for you.




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