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Start the New Year right

Hey friends!

Are you making new years resolutions, goals, or plans for 2021?

I used to track my New Year’s goals with intricate spreadsheets.

I would start each new year with grand plans and high expectations, but get overwhelmed and quit at some point...

...Lately my goals look less and less structured each year.

I'm not done yet, but this year they include more read aloud time with the kids, more time in nature, more art time, and more time reading personally.

They also include less time being busy, less time cleaning, and less time telling myself I should be doing more.

I'm excited to try out a new family calendar as I make time for the DO's, and leave plenty of empty space for being un-busy.

As you plan your year, don’t just tell yourself what you want to START doing. Make sure you also decide what to STOP.

Consider putting a stop to:





And rushing.

And consider adding in:

Deep breaths.

Long walks.

Unstructured time.

Being in nature.

Living as if your to-do list was already done.

Loving your kids right where they are.

What would you do if everything was already taken care of?

It’s a question worth asking.

Happy New Year friends!

P.S. I can help you reach your New Years goals. Click here.


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