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Future You Knows What to Do

My brain really wants to get wrapped up in all the Covid-19 drama.

I am tempted to worry, panic, and fear. I can see that it is not useful, but it feels so necessary and real. So what do I do? I start by allowing it, and processing the emotions. I just feel them. Negative emotions are part of life. They are nothing to fear.

I can feel panic. It is not a problem. Then when I am ready to move on, I go to the future. I ask myself: ...“What if in the future, everything has worked out perfectly?” ...Then I ask future me what she did to get there? ...I ask what she allowed to happen without resisting it? ...I ask what she didn’t freak out about?

Future me (that has already figured it out) knows what to do. She also knows that panic doesn’t help. She is so wise. When I listen, she helps me do great things. Today she is telling me that what will happen will happen. I can’t control it anyways, so I need to stop trying. I choose to believe that in the future: the flowers still grow, the birds still sing, and the people live happily. I will be in that moment in the future before I know it. So today I stop worrying and panicking, and I live from the future. I feel peaceful and hopeful. The world is an amazing place, and in the future it only gets better. I feel much better. What do you need to let go of today?

You can do this!

P.S. Read more about Covid-19 and my response here.


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