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Educating the Heart

Aristotle said "Educating the mind, without educating the heart, is no education at all."

I so agree with this thought!

Educating my children's hearts - to learn about love, kindness, and joy, is a top priority for me.

When they love themselves, they will want to care for themselves.

When they love others, they will want to serve others.

When they experience kindness, they will want to put kindness into the world.

When they feel joyful, they will spread joy through everything they do.

People with happy hearts naturally learn, create, and contribute, so I hope that more than becoming educated, my children can feel and experience love.

That is the real education I am trying to give my children.

I want them to know that there is goodness in the world so that they contribute goodness.

I want them to know what joy feels like so they can be joyful.

I want them to experience kindness from me, so that it will seem completely normal to them to BE kind.

These lessons are more important than math in my mind.

What do you want your children to learn, above anything else?

Teach that today.

Not by force, but by example.

You got this.

P.S. To read about when you need to say no, click here.


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