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Doing LESS

I know we all hate being uncomfortable, but the answer to finding comfort is not to hustle harder or do more.

The answer is to manage your mind.

Did you know that you can do less and feel better?

It’s not “the doing” that makes you feel good.

It’s not checking the lesson off of your list.

It’s not finishing the curriculum.

It’s not teaching another kid how to read.

It’s what you choose to THINK when you get there.

(You feel better when you change your thoughts!)

And you can change those NOW, without racing to the finish line.

Instead of hustling to a better tomorrow, feeling terrible and resenting your life as you go, what if you decide to enjoy today?

You can feel better NOW and enjoy school instead of suffering through it.

It’s a real option, and it is much more fun!

Some of my go-to thoughts to do this are:

Chaos is part of the fun.

Everything is figure-out-able.

I do all the things on purpose.

Resenting the life you live only makes it worse.

Today is the day to start enjoying the chaos.

You got this!

P.S. Read about trying to do MORE and by controlling the chaos here.







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