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Controlling Chaos

I used to try to control everything.

(All the things and people around me…)

And none of them ever measured up to my idea of perfection.

I resented my kids for not being perfect.

I resented all the things that didn’t go according to my well thought out plan.

I resented my life for not being what I thought it should be.

…all feeling resentment did is make things worse.

Now I’ve realized that I never had control to begin with.

My kids have this amazing thing called free will. It’s actually a beautiful thing, not something I want to resent.

So I’ve learned how to relax and let go of the control I thought I had.

(I never really had control to begin with.)

When I stop trying to control all the people and things, I’m left with what feels like chaos.

But I’ve learned that chaos doesn’t have to equal misery.

It is possible to enjoy reality, complete with surprises, imperfections, and disappointments.


When I stop focusing on changing all the things outside of me, I am left with myself.

Who do I want to be in this moment?

That’s where I spend my time now.

I hope you enjoy whatever curveballs life throws at you today.

You got this mama!

P.S. If you're feeling overwhelmed today, click here.


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