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5 Critical Elements of a Successful Homeschool Goal

There are 5 critical elements to implement in order to be successful at achieving your goals.

1. You not them

Don’t set a goal for what your kids will do. Set a goal for what YOU will do. They can set goals for themselves, with your help and encouragement, but the focus of your goals should be on yourself, not them.

What will YOU do to reach this goal?

2. Make it Measurable

To do this you need two things:

  1. A clear end result

  2. An end date

For example: I will finish reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins to my kids by two weeks from today.

This has a specific result and end date.

3. Create a Plan

You can't achieve a goal without a plan. (Without a plan it's just a wish!)

Ask: What do I think I need to do to accomplish this?

Write it all out.

Then schedule those actions in your calendar.

This is your plan. Follow it, and your goal is as good as done.

4. Overcome Obstacles

What will get in the way of achieving this goal?

Why do you not already have it done?

The answers to those questions are your obstacles.

What can you do to overcome the obstacles?

Those are your strategies.

Spending time anticipating what might go wrong and how you will overcome it is key to achieving a goal. Don't pretend like things are going to go perfectly. You have your kids home with you ALL THE TIME. It's going to go a little haywire. Plan on it.

Once you anticipate everything that could go wrong, and find a solution that you think will help with it, you have are ready to overcome your obstacles.

And the best strategy you need to overcome the obstacles is the last point:

5. Manage your mind

Any result you don’t have in your life is because of what you are thinking.

If you want a different result, you need different thinking.

Most people’s goals are unattained because they haven’t changed their thinking enough to create the result.

Change your thinking, change your results.

Coaching is how I help my clients change their thinking, so they can create and stick to a plan, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.

If you haven’t been coached yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

Sign up for a free mini session and I will help you see what is keeping you stuck and how to break free.

You can achieve any goal you desire.

You got this.

P.S. Last week I talked more in depth about "You not them." Read more here.


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