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Say Goodbye to Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

I used to think that being overwhelmed was just the way things had to be, especially when you have a lot of kids and homeschool them.

There was no other option.

I did alternate between stress and giving up as well, but basically most of my time was spent knowing that inevitably I would fail, so I worried about it.

I stressed, I analyzed, I tried to avoid it, I tried to be perfect, and I tried to keep the impending disaster from ever arriving.

It was exhausting.

Then I learned that it wasn’t my kids who made me feel overwhelmed. It wasn’t the laundry mountain, or the dirty house, or the clutter, or my bank account. It wasn’t my husband being gone for long hours or the fact that I homeschooled my kids. It wasn’t the activities we had to drive to, the meals that needed made, or the fights my kids got into.

It was me.

And that really was frustrating.

If I was causing it, certainly I could just stop, right?!

Instead I learned to relax into it.

It’s ok to be a mess. It’s ok to be overwhelmed. It’s ok to be frustrated.

Life is messy and complicated, but my feelings don’t have to be.

Owning the negative emotions I experienced was the first step towards positive emotions.

Half of the time, I'm supposed to experience negative emotion. It’s what makes the other half so amazing!

Once I started owning my negative emotions, they stopped being as strong.

Then I learned how to create positive emotions, and my life really changed!

Happiness is just as available to you as overwhelm.

Don’t believe me?

Sign up for a free coaching session and I’ll show you how.

It will change your life.




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