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10 Keys to Elevating Your Homeschool

When things get out of hand, the temptation is to try to control the kids.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: You can only control you.

Instead of trying to change the kids, change yourself.

That will be the greatest change possible.

Repeat after me: “Me, not them.”

When I’m surrounded by what I think is chaos, and feel overwhelmed, I remind myself: Me, not them.

I can only control me.

Here are 10 keys to elevating your homeschool through a focus on YOU, not them:

  1. Love yourself - Beating yourself up creates shame and helps no one. Love you the way you are, imperfections and all. Love that you are willing to homeschool.

  2. Trust yourself - You are an expert in the field of your children. No one knows them better. What you don’t know, you can find.

  3. Care for yourself - You can’t pour water from an empty pitcher. Take time for you. Downtime is more essential when your kids are with you around the clock.

  4. Honor yourself - Do what you say you will do. Show up and be all in, on the homeschool times and on the self care times.

  5. Protect yourself - If it’s not 100% yes, it’s a no. Your time and energy are worth protecting. Don’t spread yourself too thin... It will build resentment.

  6. Celebrate yourself - Instead of noticing failures, celebrate successes. Be your own cheerleader. What did you do that was amazing today?

  7. Surround yourself - With books, things, and people you love. Don’t wait for the kids to change or grow up. Stop waiting and start living.

  8. Educate yourself - Learn about things that interest you, and let your kids come along for the ride. When you are passionate about learning, it will be contagious.

  9. Imagine yourself - Picture yourself down the road, already having done what you want to do. Future you is wise. She knows what to do. How would she solve the problem at hand?

  10. Commit yourself - It WILL be hard at times. Commit to making it through those times. Fighting through the difficulties is where you’ll find your rhythm, confidence, and peace.

The secret to success is focusing on what you CAN control, not trying to control things outside of you (your kids)!

You don't need your kids to change. Promise.

You've got this.

P.S. Come get a free mini session with me here.

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