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When it feels like too much

Do you know what I’m holding?

Praying mantis egg sacks.

We find them in our field of prairie grass.

Recently we’ve had a lot of traffic driving on our field as we do an addition on our house, so we’ve been finding more egg sacks than usual in the fallen grass. We rescue them by taking them to a bush or tree so they don’t get stepped on. Usually we find 3-5 on a given day when walking.

But yesterday I started hunting for them with my kids, and we found 86.

Most of them were near this big machine that’s behind me.

They survived being driven over.

It is so amazing to me that these fragile egg sacks can withstand huge machinery driving over them.

The machine is so heavy and strong, and the sacks are so tiny and light, but they withstand so much more than I expected.

I think humans are resilient too.

We may think we are fragile, but when something huge and monstrous tries to crush us, we survive. It makes me think about this virus enveloping the world right now. It feels overwhelming, scary, and unbearable to many people.

But we will get through this strange time.

This virus can’t compare to the human spirit.

We are stronger than we think.

We never want the worst case scenario to happen. We think that if we lose a loved one, or have an extreme illness, or lose our home, that it would be unbearable. But people have those things happen to them all over the world all the time (not just during this outbreak).

They don’t choose it, but when it happens, they figure out what to do.

Right now it feels like people are bracing for a worst case scenario that seems unbearable.

But I promise you - You can bear it.

You can survive.

You can even thrive.

You can enjoy the process.

How amazing would that be?

How do you start?


What will happen will happen.

Just like those praying mantis egg sacks, you will one day be on the other side of it.

The process may be uncomfortable.

And it may feel like too much... but it isn’t.

It is exactly what the world needs right now.

You know how I know?

It is what is happening.

Don’t worry, you got this.

P.S. If you're carrying an unseen burden, read on here.


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