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Mondays are Exhausting

It’s Monday… Are you already exhausted?

Instead of refreshed and ready to go, and you dreading this week?

I’ve been there and done that!

Why do we feel so much pressure as we start the week?

I know my brain starts thinking about the load I am carrying… And I know that I am not alone in this.

Homeschooling parents everywhere are carrying a heavy burden:

There is a lot to do and not enough time to do it all.

We have to make the kids get their schooling done and be the “bad guy”.

We don’t know if we’re doing it right, or if it will work out in the end for our kids.

This sounds like a recipe for worry, overwhelm, and stress doesn’t it?!

Here’s what I know: Being worried while trying to show up for my kids doesn’t go over well.

If I’m a hot mess and trying to teach them history, no one is really learning about history in that moment.

My kids learn more from me than they do from their books.

They are watching me… and they notice if I enjoy my life or dread it.

This is why I do the work to manage my mind before starting school each day.

I need to be at peace before I try to teach my children about world peace.

I cannot preach what I do not practice.

And I want to teach them to be peaceful people.

So how do I become peaceful?

One of the ways is through thinking thoughts on purpose about my homeschool.

My brain wants to tell me that I don’t know what I’m doing, that I’m messing the kids up, and that this isn’t working.

Those thoughts could be true… but they aren’t helpful.

What I do know is true, is that I show up as the best version of myself when I believe I am doing a good job, my kids are right on track, and homeschooling is working.

So I take a deep breath when the thoughts about failing come along, and think intentional thoughts instead.

I find that I MAKE progress when I BELIEVE that I am making progress.

So I intentionally stay grounded in myself, in my kids, and in what we are attempting.

"We are making progress. It is all going to work out. There is no right way."

Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey, believing in yourself, your kids, and your homeschool is KEY.

Ground yourself by believing that you are doing enough.

Then you’ll feel peaceful, confident, and excited.

When you feel better, you’ll show up better.

It seems like we need to wait to see results to believe that things are going to be ok... but we don’t.

Don’t wait to finish your list or get to the end of the week to feel better.

Believe that you are doing enough... feel better... and then you'll have the energy to get to work.

I've prepared a printable of all my favorite homeschool thoughts just for YOU.

Download it by clicking here.

Then begin your days by believing that you are doing enough...

...Because you ARE.

P.S. I have a new facebook group for homeschool parents. Join here.


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