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I Would Be Happy If __________

Fill in the blank.

What is preventing you from feeling happiness right now in this moment?

The kids? The mess? The projects? The to do list? The lack of income?

What if I told you that happiness cannot be checked off of a to do list.

Happiness is not a destination. You don’t arrive there.

There is no future moment where it is more available to you than right now.

All it takes is choosing a thought that generates happiness.

This is how two people in the same situation can feel differently.

A husband might bring his wife flowers, and she could be thrilled that he loves her so much, or mad that he thoughtlessly spent money on flowers.

Same situation, different feeling. The flowers do not cause the feeling. The thoughts about the flowers cause the feeling.

Once you recognize that you are the creator of it all, you gain true power.

You don’t have to be mad, or overwhelmed, or stressed, or annoyed, or frustrated unless you want to.

What feeling do you want to create today?

I’m going for happiness.




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