Have you ever determined to do something and then given up completely in the moment?

Set out with a plan, only to get to the end of the day and realize you didn’t do what you said you would do?

Why do you do that?

Why do you ever accomplish or not accomplish anything?


Your brain has two parts - the lower brain and the higher brain.

The lower brain does what all animal brains do:

1. Seeks pleasure

2. Avoids pain

3. Uses the least amount of effort possible

The higher brain is unique to human beings. It allows you to:

1. Plan in advance

2. Make decisions

3. Delay gratification

Notice that the goals of each part of your brain are at odds with each other.

Doing what the higher brain is designed to do goes against what the lower brain wants and vice versa.

It is so much easier to go along with the lower brain’s plans.

With chocolate, phones, and netflix in the world, going along with the lower brain is incredibly pleasurable.

Often your higher brain turns it’s consent over to the lower brain and let’s it take control.

This is so much easier and much more fun than driving with your higher brain.

Any time you delay gratification to achieve a decision you planned on, your higher brain is driving. If your higher brain takes control, the lower brain will not give consent. It will kick and scream the entire time.

I’ve been experimenting with committing to what I want to do in life, starting it, and watching my brain freak out.

It offers me all of the victim thoughts: “This is too hard. It will never work. You shouldn’t have to do this anyways. Your kids should help you. Your husband should help you. This isn’t fair. You poor thing.”

Previous me would spin in overwhelm and give up. Do half of what I said and decide that it was more than enough. I would think “I’m amazing for even trying”.

I realized that I keep wanting my lower brain to give it’s consent to my higher brain.

I want to set the goal, start on it, and not have my lower brain freak out.

Here’s the deal though: It’s not going to happen.

Trying to get my lower brain to consent to my higher brain’s plan is impossible.

It is interesting to watch what happens when I stop trying to get my brain to consent and I just don’t listen to it.

I’m doing the mountain of dishes because I want them done, and my brain is freaking out. The stream of thoughts designed to make me stop doing the dishes is incredible.

“You made the meal, you shouldn’t have to do the dishes too. Your kids are so spoiled for not having to help. You husband should notice this and be super grateful. It’s way too much to do all of this. If this continues you’ll have no time for anything else in life. Now you won’t get enough sleep. Poor you. You deserve a break.”

If I believe any of the thoughts my lower brain offers me, I will give up - either on the dishes or on something else that becomes collateral (“Well that was hard, I really deserve a treat”).

My brain is so incredibly tricky. The sneaky thoughts that it offers me have the power to keep me stuck.

Doing the dishes does not cause my misery. Thinking awful thoughts while doing the dishes causes my misery.

This doesn’t just happen with dishes, it happens with everything.

Higher brain: trying to eat what I planned - lower brain: “No one else has to do this.”

Trying to accomplish school - “No one is listening to me.”

Trying to organize my house - “It won’t last.”

Notice that if I believe any of these thoughts, they cause such negative emotions, that I will stop trying to achieve what I set out to do. I’ll eat junk, give up on school for the day, and stop cleaning and get on my phone instead.

If my higher brain cannot get my lower brains consent, it wants to give up.

So what happens when I stop listening?